Hello, thanks for stopping by Sweeter Together! 

Tea is sweeter with a cookie on a side of a saucer and life is sweeter when you share it with someone you love. This is how the title of this website was born - as it is always 'Sweeter Together'. 

My name is Natalia and this website documents my love affair with baking, decorating, and food photography. I am new to this craft and I would love to share my journey with you as I go along. 

After getting married to a man of my dreams, I was able to leave my full-time office job and I started to cook more. However, I quickly realized that what I really loved to do was to bake. In fact, I could come up with a dinner menu just to have an excuse to bake a dessert of my choice to go with it. Entertaining family and friends around the table has always been a satisfying experience for me. Good things must come in bunches! 

I hope you stay for a while and find yourself an inspiration for something sweet, homemade and comforting. 

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